Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have everything finished for my spoilee! I am so proud of it! Although, I did think of a last minute "something" I want to add....I will pick it up next week! Have a super week everyone! The weather is beeaauuttiiffuull here and I hope to get out and enjoy it today!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quidditch Round 2

1. On which day did the Order of the Phoenix come to get Harry? c. Saturday

2. During all this chaos with voldemort and the Death Eaters, people still had lives to live and Ron's oldest brother, Bill decided to marry Fleur Delacour? Who were the uninvited guests at Bill and Fleur's wedding? b. Death Eaters

3. Voldemort had seven Horcruxes hidden in different places. Six of them were hidden at the Gaunt shack, Hogwarts, a cave, inside Harry, inside his snake, Nagini and Tom Riddles Diary. Did Voldemort hide the last Horcrux inside the Malfoy's vault at Gringotts? b. No

4. Why did the Dumbledore's move to Godric's Hollow? c. The father went to Azkaband.

5. Harry and Hermione read a part of "Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore," written by Rita Skeeter. Then they met Dumbledore's brother Abeforth and he told them the same story, just with a few details changed. Which of the following did Aberforth and Rita Skeeter agree on about Dumbdore's past? b. That Dumbledore was friends with Grindelwald for a while.

6. When Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow, they visit the graveyard to see Harry's parent's graves. Harry walks by a tombstone that we later learn belong to tone of "The Three Broother'. The brother buried there once owned what? b. The cloak

7. The Trio finds out that Luna had been kidnapped by the Death Eaters , and that they won't give her back until they got Harry Potter. Why did they kidnap Luna? a. Her father sided with Harry and Dumbledore

8. After Voldemort killed Snape, he left the room and Harry came out from under the cloak. Snape gave Harry some of his memories all the way from when he was a child to just months before. Harry dived into the Pensieve and which of the following did he not see? c. Snape and Lily having fun in a potions class

9. On the search of the Lost Diadem, Harry finally gets to takl to the Gray Lady. Who was the Gray Lady when she was alive?a. She didn't remember because she had been dead for so long. c. Helena Ravenclaw

10. Which of these is not one of Harry or Ron's children? b. Hugo

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arithmacy assignment

Okay...I logged on to get some help earlier with my homework and I saw Lydia Figg's answer....Teddy Lupin. I was hoping to figure this out all by myself! I have really enjoyed working on the Suduko! I have never done one of these...they are quite addicting! Anyway, maybe I will have better luck on the next assignment! I will be sure to get the Quidditch assignment in! GO HOGWARTS!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I would have flunked out of Hogwarts! I am noooooo good at this stuff! I'll do my best! :o)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


"Harry looked around; there was Ginny running towards him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her."

I realize it is late....I thought it had to be posted by 12:00 midnight tonight! I don't know if better late than never will apply here, but I'll go for it! I admit I had to get a little help with this one! I am not very good at these things!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in the South

I spent a good part of the day working on my gift yesterday....we had rare snow here in the South! It really didn't amount to much here, but I understand they got quite a bit south of us! I remembered the days my husband and I lived in Boone, NC and I knitted (or cross stitched) while he watched football and there was usually snow on the ground. Those were cozy, peaceful know, before the little witches and wizard! :o) I love each and every busy and noisy one of them! Anyway, I am almost finished with it and will start on my next gift! This is so much fun. It is keeping my mind off the economy and other happenings that could really bring a girl down!