Friday, July 31, 2009

My wonderful kit!!!!

Bernadette really went all out for this fabulous kit. Look at this bag...she put the flower appliques favorite colors! It is the perfect size for smaller will be my constant companion. The yarn is scrumptuous! Soft...and once again, my favorite color...purple! It is a worsted wool by Malabrigo...Hollyhock (don't you love the name!). Also....she sent me a wonderful stamped cross-stitch runner....and don't you know I love to cross stitch as well! I also recieve 3, yes 3!, patterns....I am gonna try the mitts! And I absolutely LOVE the stitch markers! I took a close up of the set so you could see how adorable they are! My kids and I enjoyed the suckers which were charmed and they turned our tongues blood red! Funny, Bernadette! Thank you again! My kit is wonderful!


  1. Glad you liked everything! Sorry I didn't warn you about the suckers!!